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Tyra Banks To Produce Two More Shows on the CW: Operation Fabulous and Stylista

Just when you thought you had enough of Tyra (as if America’s Next Top Model and the Tyra show weren’t enough), it just gets better, my friends. We will be seeing plenty more of self-obsessed Tyra on television shows centered around…well, Tyra: I’m talking “guest” appearances in every episode, theme songs filled with Tyra’s gyrating booty, Victoria’s Secret-esque flipping of the hair and reincarnated “Tyra Mails.”

Here’s a description of the show Stylista (which airs on Oct. 22), taken from the CW website:

If “The Devil Wears Prada” were a reality show, it would be “Stylista.” Eleven aspiring fashion enthusiasts vie for a much-coveted editorial job with Elle magazine. They work as assistants to Elle’s Fashion News Director, Anne Slowey, a demanding but well-respected fashion icon. The competitors carry out an assistant task and a fashion editorial assignment in each episode.

Each week, in consultation with Elle’s Creative Director, Joe Zee, Anne fires one person, until the last assistant standing gets “promoted” to the coveted real-life job opportunity. The grand prize includes a paid editorial position at Elle magazine, a paid lease on a great apartment in Manhattan, and a clothing allowance at H&M, all for one year, valued at $100,000.

Check out a quick preview of the show:

Operation Fabulous, another upcoming show hosted by Mr. and Miss Jay (aka Jay Manuel and J. Alexander), will be a makeover show that features five women from one town¬† (for each episode) who get makeovers and compete with each other, but only one who will be the winner from that town. Then the winners from each episode then go on to compete in an even bigger competition, which finally results in only one winner who will grant a makeover to the other contestants from his/her hometown. Think Fox’s show The Swan,¬† but not as immoral.


Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Bragging Makes Her a Hypocrite

Jennifer Love Hewitt's rapid weight loss

It looks like J Love just pulled a Tyra Banks.

Just last November, tabloid pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt vacationing in a bikini were published…and spread like wildfire. The tabloids proceeded to call her fat, displaying images of her overall normal looking body (a few butt dimples, cottage cheese thighs and all). Despite all the ridiculing, J Love decided to take a strong stance against the tabloids and the general public, committing to defend her weight, encourage women of all sizes to go to the beach and proudly rock a bikini, and remind everyone just how much she loved her body as is–a curvaceous size 2.

I’m not mad at her for losing weight. Working out, exercising, rejuvenating the mind, feeling healthy and good about yourself are always positive things in my book.

What bothers me more than anything else is the fact that she made public statements about how she loves her body, only to become just another another teeny weeny Hollywood actress chick a few months later…and then brag about it US Weekly. She is ultimately sending the message that a.) all those statements about her loving her body were untrue b.) all those girls that she pleaded with to go out and proudly flaunt their bikinis should probably just cover up or try to look as slim as her c.) actresses MUST conform to Hollywood standards to fit in and be recognized as attractive d.) if other girls want to be famous or get media attention, they should be super skinny too.

In her interview she claims that she didn’t lose the weight because of all the negative press she was receiving, but because she wanted to be healthier. If that was true, why didn’t she do it quietly, rather than to show the whole world by being the cover girl?

I actually admired the fact that she stood up for herself during those horrid days of constant belittling and trash talking. It was really refreshing to hear that she thought she looked good and was totally okay with it. I think being petite and curvier made her stand out (in a good way) from other Hollywood trash, gave her body a very soft and feminine look, and a cute “girl next door” charm. She was the girl you wanted to get to know. And I suppose having huge boobs didn’t hurt her appeal either. She epitomized every man’s fantasy by achieving the perfect combination of cute and sexy.

Instead, she just had to go pull a Tyra and take all of it back.

Tyra Banks being called "fat" in her swimsuit

TA trip down memory lane: Tyra Banks being called

With Tyra, media tabloids caught her vacationing in a bikini and the next thing you know the whole country was talking about it, especially Tyra, only she was still talking about it after everyone else had already gotten over it.

Said Tyra in response to the media calling her fat, “I’m happy to be 20 or 30 pounds heavier than the average model and I felt like that was a positive image especially with what’s going on now in society with models and women hating themselves and hating their bodies.”

A few months later, she appears on magazine covers 20-30 lbs. lighter, asking “You call this fat?” I don’t think it would hurt for both of these women to be honest and say that they ARE in fact self-conscious about their bodies. Nearly all women are to a certain extent. Instead of looking it at realistically, they gave the world what they thought would be the safest, most motivating answer/response.

I am self-conscious (not to the extreme) about my body, but I don’t go around acting holier-than-thou or trying to preach some sort of message to the masses about loving your body despite having stretch marks, cellulite and muffins. That would just be fake.

Well, I guess our beloved Jennifer Love Hewitt can no longer be called Jennifer Love Hugetits ’cause those babies shrunk… I’d say probably by two cup sizes. Comes with the weight-loss territory, I suppose. Shoulda thought about that before going gym-crazy, J Love.