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Tyra Banks To Produce Two More Shows on the CW: Operation Fabulous and Stylista

Just when you thought you had enough of Tyra (as if America’s Next Top Model and the Tyra show weren’t enough), it just gets better, my friends. We will be seeing plenty more of self-obsessed Tyra on television shows centered around…well, Tyra: I’m talking “guest” appearances in every episode, theme songs filled with Tyra’s gyrating booty, Victoria’s Secret-esque flipping of the hair and reincarnated “Tyra Mails.”

Here’s a description of the show Stylista (which airs on Oct. 22), taken from the CW website:

If “The Devil Wears Prada” were a reality show, it would be “Stylista.” Eleven aspiring fashion enthusiasts vie for a much-coveted editorial job with Elle magazine. They work as assistants to Elle’s Fashion News Director, Anne Slowey, a demanding but well-respected fashion icon. The competitors carry out an assistant task and a fashion editorial assignment in each episode.

Each week, in consultation with Elle’s Creative Director, Joe Zee, Anne fires one person, until the last assistant standing gets “promoted” to the coveted real-life job opportunity. The grand prize includes a paid editorial position at Elle magazine, a paid lease on a great apartment in Manhattan, and a clothing allowance at H&M, all for one year, valued at $100,000.

Check out a quick preview of the show:

Operation Fabulous, another upcoming show hosted by Mr. and Miss Jay (aka Jay Manuel and J. Alexander), will be a makeover show that features five women from one town  (for each episode) who get makeovers and compete with each other, but only one who will be the winner from that town. Then the winners from each episode then go on to compete in an even bigger competition, which finally results in only one winner who will grant a makeover to the other contestants from his/her hometown. Think Fox’s show The Swan,  but not as immoral.


Tina Fey is the Best Sarah Palin Ever

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Not much to comment on other than Tina Fey is freakin hilarious (and dead on)! The accent, the looks, the demeanor, the voice, the obnoxious accent, the entire package!

The Truth About Medical Marijuana, Seth Rogen Always Wants to Be Stoned

According to the NYTimes, medical marijuana actually does have valid medicinal uses.

“The truth, these researchers say, is that marijuana has medical benefits — for chronic-pain syndromes, cancer pain, multiple sclerosis, AIDS wasting syndrome and the nausea that accompanies chemotherapy — and attempts to understand and harness these are being hampered. Also, they add, science reveals that the risks of marijuana use, which have been thoroughly researched, are real but generally small.”

Speaking of medicinal marijuana, Seth Rogen (star of Pineapple Express and Knocked Up) is apparently the worst role model ever. During his guest appearance on “The Daily Show,” he basically advised high school kids to smoke a sh*t load of weed and make a movie based on it (as a formula for success). I love his sense of humor and the two of them together is total comedic bliss. Check out the clip below.

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Vivica Fox Hosts VH1’s New Show Glam God

Vivica Fox Before the boob job

Vivica Fox before the boob job. Photo courtesy of

Vivica Fox is starring in a new show on VH1 called “Glam God,” which premiere’s on August 21st, 10pm. According to VH1, the premise of the show entails “12 Stylists from all over the country” that are given the “opportunity to become the next Glam God. Some of them are aspiring stylists, while others have already established themselves in their own small circles. Now it’s time to bring it to the world’s largest stage – Hollywood.” The winner of the reality show gets $100, 000 and will get the opportunity to be a personal stylist to an A-list celeb.

Who better to judge “aspiring” celebrity status than Vivica Fox? She’s still trying herself. Maybe this will put her one notch above the title “50 cent groupie.” VH1 is getting a little ridiculous with the reality shows. Didn’t they once, long ago, actually play music videos?

Vivica Fox after the boob job. Photo courtesy of

VH1 should have given her a show called “How to Get Really Bad Plastic Surgery: I Did it, So Can You!”

America’s Next Transgender Model?

Isis, the transgender contestant on America's Next Model Season 11

Isis, the transgender contestant on America's Next Top Model, Season 11

Oh, Tyra. What self-serving barriers will she break next? She’s been homeless (for a day), she’s been fat, she’s been dark-skinned, and now she has the chance to please GLAAD. In America’s Next Top Model, she also takes pride in what she’s been able to accomplish. She’s knighted all types of girls into “modelhood”–girls from the hood, “short” girls, black girls, white girls, lesbian girls, plus-size girls and now…a transgender girl named Isis. I’m glad they’re keeping the show diverse, let’s just hope Tyra doesn’t embarrass or exploit the poor girl (knowing Tyra, she’ll probably make it one of the modeling challenges, despite the fact that it’s already been done on past seasons).

I’m wondering if the use of the word “transgender” is correct. Did they mean transexual? If Isis is a transgender, does that mean she still has her manly parts? I’m not sure if America is ready to witness a bikini bulge. We can barely accept the fact that a black man just may become president.

What will Tyra pull out of her black hat abyss next?

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Bob Saget Defends Olsen Twins, Will Get Roasted Aug 17th

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Danny Tanner, I mean Bob Saget during his days of Glory on Full House.

Danny Tanner Bob Saget, our favorite, most lovable, dorky Dad growing up, went from the guy everyone loved to the freaky guy who kept talking about balls. Although what happened during this transition is beyond the most of us, he does appear to still hold on to some of those Danny Tanner roots by holding a few special cast members close to his heart. And when I say a few, I mean the formerly adorable twins (Michelle aka Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen). Apparently, Saget denounced other comics for making fun of the twins during his roast on Comedy Central. According to,

“Saget insists some of the gags about the sisters, who shared the role of his daughter Michelle on the sitcom, were a little offensive and he was upset the former child stars were poked fun at.

At one point funnyman Jeff Ross quipped, ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley were supposed to be here tonight, but theyheard there was food,’ alluding to Mary-Kate Olsen’s much-publicized battle with an eating disorder.

In a press statement, Saget says, ‘Anybody who talks about my TV kids – that upsets me. I am very protective. I love them very, very much.’

The roast will air on August 17.”

I’m sure he does love them. Very, VERY much.

Be sure to watch his roast on Comedy Central for a guaranteed good time. Maybe Jessie and the Rippers and Uncle Joey will show up too.

Bob Saget lucked out with the Olsen Twins, especially after they turned 18...they're BOTH freaks (pun intended).

Bob Saget lucked out with the Olsen Twins, especially after they turned 18...they're BOTH freaks (pun intended).

Eva Mendes’ nipples too scandalous for Network TV: Calvin Klein Commercial gets banned

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According to E! Online:

“Calvin Klein has opted for black and white again in its latest scent ad. Most TV stations, however, have simply opted for black.”

The latest Cavin Klein commercial, flaunting a bare Eva Mendes tossing and turning in bed (think Britney Spears in the commercial for her fragrance “Curious,” but less trashy) is apparently too hot for the American audience. Perhaps the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident has made us ever so sensitive to boobs.

The “problem” with the commercial is that Eva’s nipples are showing. I’m surprised the creative group over at Calvin Klein actually thought this would make it through American television. Well, it’s not. Sorry, America. This version will only be airing uncensored in Europe.

For all you history buffs, this isn’t the first time Calvin Klein has made a risqué ad. Check out then 16-year-old Brooke Shields in her 1981 “nothing gets in between me and my Calvins” campaign:

All I have to say is Janet’s nipples didn’t even show and she still went through all that drama for nothing!

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