Clay Aiken Finally Comes Out of the Closet

I can’t exactly call this “news,” or act like this is breaking in any way, shape or form. Because that would be a lie. And like Clay Aiken, I don’t lie.

I’m merely stating what everyone knew the moment they laid eyes on Clay Aiken.

It’s official.

Clay Aiken is gay.

Clay Aiken has come out of the closet.

He justified his stance by stating in a People magazine interview that he could not “raise a child to lie or hide things.” Why he continuously refused to tell the media prior is beyond me. I respect that he wanted people to know on his terms, but in reality, dodging questions looks sketchy and only makes people talk even more.

There are some pretty undeniable signs that Aiken was gay that some of his ridiculous fans flat out refused to acknowledge: He would always dodge questions about his sexuality and never confirmed or denied being gay, he wore more make-up on his face than Rupaul, had a child via surrogate mother, and has had more hairstyles in the past few months than women Tony Soprano has slept with in his life.

Who’s the next one up to bat? Ricky Martin, who has literally followed in Clay Aiken’s footsteps and fathered twins to a surrogate mother, has yet to come out. And the countdown begins…


2 responses to “Clay Aiken Finally Comes Out of the Closet

  1. I am a CA fan, very liberal, not ultra conservative. I just didn’t see gay in Clay. I saw geeky guy. That said, his being gay matters not to me. He’s a good looking guy with a lot of talent. His coming out changes nothing for me. And I guess the reason his fans didn’t see gay is that we saw him on stage & in photos & some of the luckier in Meet & Greets. Apparently, the rest of the world knew him personally 🙂

  2. I’m sorry but this really isn’t a big surprise. Clay Aiken was gay the moment he was born, and I’m pretty sure everyone knew it.

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