M.I.A. confirms she’s pregnant

MIA has confirmed that she’s pregnant with fiance Benjamin Brewer.

According to MTV UK:

M.I.A has confirmed that she is pregnant to Pitchfork Media, “I’m creating a baby,” she told the Web site.

The news came after the uber cool artist performed at the Diesel xXx Rock + Roll Circus in Brooklyn last weekend. It had been rumoured earlier in the year that she cancelled her tour due to pregnancy and after displaying a reasonably large baby bump on Saturday night an official confirmation was expected.

M.I.A explained that she was blown away by the news “When I found out I was pregnant and ‘Paper Planes’ was in the iTunes top 10… it seemed like the whole world was reshuffled in one week, and all my plans went out the window.”

The British singer/ producer is expecting the baby with her fiancé Ben Brewer, lead singer of the band Exit, and had an important message for her fans “I got engaged first, then I got pregnant, kids!”

Although she’s working had on the follow up to her album Kala, she’s going to take some time out “I have to do the rounds… go see my family and show them the belly.”

Let’s hope she’s not getting “high like paper,” and is looking after the baby with care.


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