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Nerdy Glasses are All the Rage: How Long Will it Last?

Lisa Loeb, Tina Fey and Woody Allen all have something in common: They were on to the nerdy glasses trend way before we all thought they were cool. How long will this trend last?


Lauren Conrad’s Clothing Line Dumped by Kitson

Image from E! Online

“The Hills” star Lauren Conrad’s fashion line has been dropped from an exclusive U.S. boutique, after the collection failed to prove a hit with shoppers.

Conrad’s self-titled clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection, was initially picked up by celeb-frequented Hollywood boutique Kitson in hopes of producing a hit.

But according to Access Hollywood, after Conrad’s collection failed to deliver, the folks over at Kitson decided to drop the line altogether.

I’m not that surprised by this information. Although some of her clothes are really cute, her line is overall uninspiring. The outfits she wears on “The Hills” are a lot cuter than outfits in her collection. Besides, most of her  fans from working class families in middle America probably can’t afford to buy anything from her collection. Don’t feel too bad for her though, she makes enough money. On the plus side, at least she’s not attempting to sing like one of her camera-shy co-stars (imagine me saying camera shy with extreme sarcasm–or you could replace it with camera hungry–in case you haven’t figured out who I’m referring to yet).

America’s Next Transgender Model?

Isis, the transgender contestant on America's Next Model Season 11

Isis, the transgender contestant on America's Next Top Model, Season 11

Oh, Tyra. What self-serving barriers will she break next? She’s been homeless (for a day), she’s been fat, she’s been dark-skinned, and now she has the chance to please GLAAD. In America’s Next Top Model, she also takes pride in what she’s been able to accomplish. She’s knighted all types of girls into “modelhood”–girls from the hood, “short” girls, black girls, white girls, lesbian girls, plus-size girls and now…a transgender girl named Isis. I’m glad they’re keeping the show diverse, let’s just hope Tyra doesn’t embarrass or exploit the poor girl (knowing Tyra, she’ll probably make it one of the modeling challenges, despite the fact that it’s already been done on past seasons).

I’m wondering if the use of the word “transgender” is correct. Did they mean transexual? If Isis is a transgender, does that mean she still has her manly parts? I’m not sure if America is ready to witness a bikini bulge. We can barely accept the fact that a black man just may become president.

What will Tyra pull out of her black hat abyss next?

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Kate Hudson with a Kate Moss Makeover: Hit or Miss?

Watch out catwalkers–there’s a new couture model in town. Kate Hudson traded her girl-next-door-look for a more high-fashion look. I like the old Kate Hudson, but this is definitely a hot look for her. I’m loving the make up. it’s a total transformation. She looks almost like Kate Moss to me.

Kate Hudson's new Kate Moss-like look

Kate Hudson's new Kate Moss-like look

Eva Mendes’ nipples too scandalous for Network TV: Calvin Klein Commercial gets banned

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According to E! Online:

“Calvin Klein has opted for black and white again in its latest scent ad. Most TV stations, however, have simply opted for black.”

The latest Cavin Klein commercial, flaunting a bare Eva Mendes tossing and turning in bed (think Britney Spears in the commercial for her fragrance “Curious,” but less trashy) is apparently too hot for the American audience. Perhaps the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident has made us ever so sensitive to boobs.

The “problem” with the commercial is that Eva’s nipples are showing. I’m surprised the creative group over at Calvin Klein actually thought this would make it through American television. Well, it’s not. Sorry, America. This version will only be airing uncensored in Europe.

For all you history buffs, this isn’t the first time Calvin Klein has made a risqué ad. Check out then 16-year-old Brooke Shields in her 1981 “nothing gets in between me and my Calvins” campaign:

All I have to say is Janet’s nipples didn’t even show and she still went through all that drama for nothing!

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Mad for Shoulder Pads?

Wow. One horrendous trend of the 80’s I never thought I’d see again: SHOULDER PADS. I must say, someone tall and statuesque like Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman could easily pull just about anything off, but shoulder pads? Seriously.

According to and Nina Garcia, we will be seeing “a less dramatic” version of the runway hit coming our way. Thank God I haven’t seen city hipsters sporting this look yet.

I can safely say that I will probably NEVER wear them, even when I am old and my posture gets hunchbackish.

I believe the Oompa Loompas already had their moment of glory.

Anyone under 5’3 should be banned from wearing them. Don’t make me bust out some pictures of me modeling them. Please.

On the plus side, it hasn’t been an overdone trend in Fall/Winter 2007. But let’s retire them anyway…FOREVER. Better late than never, right?